Considering The Occupational Safety And Health

Occupational Safety And Health

Placing yourself at danger is already a risk that you have to take when you are an LPN but there are quite a few occupational safety and health rules in place that will help you stay as risk-free as it is possible during your working day. When you follow these tips, you decrease your risk of contracting diseases from your patients and you also decrease the risk of spreading diseases to other patients. How To Keep Disease Free One of the many … [Read more...]

What Is Science Nursing?

Science Nursing

Science nursing, or nursing science is rather difficult to define, as there is not really a single definition for science nursing. Part of the science of nursing is that nurses must apply a combination of problem solving, explanations, the theories that they learned during their observations, nursing interventions, their nursing care plan and learning plans, and their practice evaluations. Science nursing is made up of systematized knowledge … [Read more...]

Facts About Dental Nursing

Dental Nursing

There are a number of facts about dental nursing that you should be aware of before you decide whether or not a career in this line of work is for you. It is important to note that many nurses who enter this career eventually end up in far advanced positions by becoming dentists or oral hygienists, although this does require further education and training. Even without an intention to advance through the ranks, it is still a very good career to … [Read more...]

About Transcultural Nursing

Transcultural Nursing

In the modern world there are a large variety of different people from different cultural backgrounds, something which presents a challenge to many nurses as they do not necessarily have the knowledge and skills needed to treat each patient from the perspective of their respective cultures. Transcultural nursing is a movement aimed at addressing this challenge and ensuring that every patient from every culture is treated in line with their … [Read more...]

Top 6 Highest Paying Nursing Careers

Highest Paying Nursing Careers

What many people do not realize is that there are a number of nursing careers within the profession that you could choose to specialize in. This is ideal for nurses who have developed a specific love for an area of nursing and who would like to focus more intensely on nursing in that area. Many of these specialties may more than others and the top highest paying nursing careers are undisputed. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist The average … [Read more...]

10 Tips On Dealing With Difficult Colleagues In The Workplace As A Nurse

Dealing With Difficult Collegues

As a nurse you will, like anyone else in any other profession, encounter difficult colleagues from time to time. Dealing with difficult colleagues can be a challenge but if you are able to handle the situation well it will reflect well on your character. Nurses in particular often complain about difficult doctors who do not treat them well. Several tips and ideas exist to help nurses cope in situations like these. Tip 1: Talk The most important … [Read more...]

10 Tips On Choosing The Nursing Speciality Best Suited For You

Choosing Your Nursing Speciality

Once you are an RN you do not need to stop there. There are a number of nursing specialties that you could choose to specialize in that bring with them advanced career opportunities and salaries. Choosing your nursing speciality can be a daunting task with so many to choose from, but it is not a decision to be rushed into as it will inform the rest of your nursing career. 1: Consider Your Interests Your specialty should align with your … [Read more...]

10 Tips On Applying For Nursing Jobs

Applying For Nursing Jobs

Once you are a qualified nurse the time will come when you will need to start applying for nursing jobs. This can be a daunting experience for someone who is new to the job market but there are a number of tips that you can keep in mind to help you along your way and to find the best jobs possible with your personal set of qualifications. 1: Don’t Limit Yourself To Particular Areas Of Nursing If you feel that you have special skills in a … [Read more...]

5 Expert Tips On Being A Successful LPN

A Successful LPN

Being an LPN is one thing, but being a successful LPN is quite another. There are a number of different parameters to the job, all of which must be taken to consideration at all times if you are to become a licensed practical nurse with a reputation for excellence. Following these tips may be easier said than done, but excellence in your chosen profession can be achieved simply by trying your best. Tip 1: Be Careful The first tip for being … [Read more...]

What To Do As An Unemployed LPN

Unemployed LPN

There is a reported nursing shortage in the U.S. at this time, but there may come a time that you suddenly find yourself in the unenviable position of being an unemployed LPN. In this economic climate not many of us can afford not to work, so what can one do when you are suddenly retrenched? The truth is that even though there is an international shortage of nurses, many companies and medical institutions are suffering just as much as everyone … [Read more...]