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Vermont is extremely small and only has one LPN training school available, but despite this the nursing industry is still one of the best fields to become involved with in this state. This is because the medical industry in general is continuously growing and presenting more and more opportunities for people who wish to become involved. Regardless of fluctuations in the economy, there will always be a strong medical industry in Vermont.

Once you are qualified as an LPN you needn’t stop there. There are many other options open to you. You could, for example, complete an LPN to RN qualification. This will put you in a higher position in the medical industry. In fact many people who started LPNs are now in very high positions throughout the medical arena.

Licensing Requirements

The first step to being licensed as an LPN is enrolling in an accredited LPN course. In order to do this you will:

  • Need to be older than 18
  • Need to have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification
  • Need to pass a background check

Once you have enrolled in the program you will then have to complete the theoretical and clinical sides of the course over a period of about 1 or 2 years. Then you will have to write the NCLEX-PN exam. On completion of the exam you will be licensed to practice as an LPN.

Exam Fee

In order to write the examination you will need to pay an amount of money to the company that administers the exam. This company is called Pearson Vue and the amount of money that you will have to pay is $200. To apply for licensure you will also have to pay an amount of money to the Vermont Board of Nursing. This amount of money is $90. You will then also have to renew your license once every two years at a cost of $95.


Program Hourly
Annual Rate
LPN $15.02 $31440
RN $29.68 $61743
BSN $30 $63,876

Financial Aid Available

There is a huge need for nurses in the state of Nevada, especially in the rural areas. Consequently the Health Care Access Program is willing to give financial aid to a number of students who in exchange will be required to work in the rural areas of Nevada for a set period of time. This helps to balance the distribution of healthcare professionals in Nevada and at the same time ensures your employment once your studies are over and guarantees you that you will have experience to put on your resume once you are free to seek alternative employment. There are also a number of other options that you can consider.


Many state, federal and private sources are willing to offer loans to people wanting to study further and get their LPN qualification. If you take the time to investigate the options that are out there you will soon realize that you do not have to give up on your goals of becoming an LPN simply because you don’t have the resources. Loans have to be paid back and usually accrue quite a bit of interest. Generally speaking you will not be required to pay back the loan until you have finished studying and you have found a job. However the interest that you accrue may go up substantially while you are studying. Generally speaking it is advised to make small payments regularly right from the beginning if you are able to. This will keep down the overall amount of money that you will ultimately have to pay. Federal loans are quite difficult to be eligible for, but if you are eligible for this type of loan, then you should definitely take a federal loan over a private loan, as federal loans generally have much better interest rates.

Loan Forgiveness Programs

If you go the route of taking out a loan to find your LPN studies, then you may want to consider a loan forgiveness program when it comes time to repay your loan after your studies. A loan forgiveness program is a system whereby a portion of your loan will be dealt with on your behalf. In return for this you will be required to work in a state designated healthcare facility. Often this facility will be in a rural area as these types of programs often exist to distribute qualified nurses more evenly across the state. With a program like this you will find that your loan suddenly becomes far easier to manage and you will be able to get valuable experience from working in the health care facility that you are assigned to.

Scholarships and grants

If you are hoping to study for free and with no obligations, then there are several grants and scholarships that you may want to consider. A grant is a portion of money given to you to help you pay for your LPN studies that you will never be required to pay back. This may sound too good to be true, but there are several grants available in Nevada for students who are willing to devote the time necessary to finding them. Grants are often given on a needs basis, so the more unstable your financial position the higher chance you have of getting a grant. Scholarships also generally require no repayment, and function in a very similar way to grants. Scholarships are often, however, based on academic achievement. Basically, they serve as a reward for students who have achieved well academically in the past. In order to qualify you often have to be a top achiever.

Ask your employer

Many people wanting to qualify as an LPN are already employed in some capacity in the healthcare industry. If this is the case for you then you should be sure to ask your employer about the options that they are willing to give you in terms of financial aid. Employers are usually more than willing to help their staff upgrade their qualifications in return for which they get an employer who has an advanced qualification and who is obligated to continue working for them for a set period of time. You will be able to study, you will be assured of a job when you have finished studying, and you will be able to gain a lot of necessary experience in a healthcare facility that you are already familiar with.

Work and Study

Many colleges that offer LPN programs also offer work and study programs where you will be able to work and learn thereby generating income for your studies.

List of Schools

There are not a lot of choices when it comes to LPN schools in Vermont. In fact, there is only one:

Matching School Ads Matching School Ads

Vermont Technical College
Randolph Center Campus
P. O. Box 500/1 Main Street
Randolph Center, VT 05061

This school has a number of satellite departments that you can attend:

  • Vermont Technical College Nursing Department- Randolph
  • Vermont Technical College Nursing Department (Fanny Allen/ Williston Satellite Campus) – Williston
  • Vermont Technical College Nursing Department (Putnam/Bennington Satellite Campus) – Bennington
  • Vermont Technical College Nursing Department (Thompson/Brattleboro Satellite Campus) – Brattleboro
  • Vermont Technical College Nursing Department (Extended Satellite Campus) – Williston

Vermont is very small which is why your choice is limited. However you should not have a problem getting into this school.

Personality requirements for an LPN

If you want to become an LPN in Vermont you need to remember that this job doesn’t suit everyone. If you are lacking in terms of any of the following personality requirements, then you may want to reconsider your options:

  • A Caring Nature
  • Be Empathetic – Empathy means being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes and see things form their perspective. In order to properly care for and support your patients you will need to be able to have a good understanding of what they are going through, something that you cannot do without a bi of empathy.
  • Be Detail-Oriented
  • Be Emotionally Stable – You are the one that your patient is going to look to in a crisis, which means that you will have to keep your feet on the ground, keep your emotions under control, and make sure that everything is alright.
  • Be Adaptable – Nurses have to deal with a vast range of different situations on a daily basis, and it is in your best interests to make sure that you have the personality required to adapt when necessary.
  • Have Physical Endurance
  • Be a Quick Thinker – Things will not always happen by the book and emergency situations can arise at any time in a health care facility. You will need to be aware of this and it will be up to you, as one of the nursing staff, to think on your feet and deal with the problem.
  • Have Great Judgement
  • Be Hard-Working – This is an essential requirement. If you do not have a philosophy of hard work then you are going to struggle a lot when it comes to fulfilling your responsibilities of an LPN.
  • Have Great Communication Skills
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