Choosing One of the Many Different Colleges for Nursing

When choosing from the many colleges for nursing, it is important to spend ample time investigating your options so you have the best chance of choosing the right institution for you. You will want to choose a school that matches your own career goals, so make sure you check out several colleges and universities to discover what each of them offers. One of the interesting aspects of nursing is that there are several paths you can choose, such as RN, LPN, and BSN, so this is an additional factor that you have to figure out early on in your search.

Factors Involved With Colleges For Nursing

The following are the primary factors that you must look into when researching the many different colleges for nursing available:

  • Location – When attending a brick and mortar institution, your options are limited to what is close to where you live; that is, unless you are willing to move. First look into the colleges and universities closest to you to see what is available.
  • Size – Would you be more comfortable in a large university or a small community college? Discovering your preference will make your decision easier. Try to determine whether you learn better in a smaller or larger classroom environment.
  • Clinical Rotation – You will have to look into whether or not your chosen college offers sufficient time for clinical rotation. These clinical placements should also be varied and provide enough hands on experience of you to truly take in the material. Speak to some students who are currently enrolled if possible.
  • Exam Pass Rates – You will be required to sit for the NCLEX exam once you complete your education, so it will be in your best interest to determine your college’s exam pass rates. If you ask the college to provide you with this information they should be willing to do so. A high percentage rate means that the institution does a good job of preparing its students for the exam.
  • Accreditation – One of the most important aspects of these colleges for nursing is their accreditation status. If a college has not received this it means that it does not have satisfactory methods of instruction. Some colleges may claim to be accredited even if they are not, so make sure you receive independent verification.
  • Tuition Rates – Last but not least, make sure that you receive a schedule of tuition fees so you will know whether or not you can afford to take classes at a particular college before you invest too much time in the application process.

Choosing Between Online Colleges For Nursing And Brick And Mortar Institutions

Colleges for Nursing

These days choosing the right college for you has the additional step of deciding whether you would rather take classes online, on campus, or a combination of both. Because of the hands on training required of an individual pursuing a degree in nursing, in most cases you will have to take at least a few of your courses on campus. There are also practicals that must be taken in a facility within a close proximity to where you live.

There are many benefits to attending online colleges for nursing, especially if you are already working a full time job. No college offers the same flexibility because you can log in and complete your coursework whenever is convenient for you. The learning process is very similar to a brick and mortar college. Your instructor will post recorded lectures and/or reading material for you to go over. In addition you will have to write papers, take tests, and engage in message board discussions. Another major benefit to choosing this route is there is a better opportunity for you to work at your own pace.

Choosing Your Career Pathway As A Nurse

When you begin your education in the field of nursing, you will have to determine whether you would like to be a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse. While there is much more education required to become an RN, you will stand to earn more money and will certainly possess better prestige. An RN will have a better chance to be promoted to a leadership position while LPNs typically are stuck doing the more menial tasks. However, LPNs usually only have to complete a single year worth of school.

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    looking for an online LPN program that is accredited for use in the state of NJ NY. That offers clinical rotations close to where i live in nyc. any suggestions is greatly appreciated

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