What is the LPN Scope of Practice?

LPN Scope of Practice

The LPN scope of practice is a basic outline of what is expected of a licensed practical nurse. To make matters even more complicated, the duties involved with this profession differ depending on the state and type of environment where the licensed practical nurse is employed. He or she may be working under the supervision of a nurse practitioner, physician, psychologist, registered nurse, etc. The nursing board for each state also has strict … [Read more...]

What is the Average LPN Salary?

Average LPN Salary

Generally speaking, because an LPN has to engage in a shorter training period than RNs, the LPN salary will be lower. However, in general, LPN salaries are very good for the work that you do. Overall many people have said that the salary of an LPN, as compared to other jobs, is much better and those professionals who already work as LPNs have reported in general that they are satisfied with the money that they earn. As jobs go, becoming an LPN is … [Read more...]

End Of Life Care In The United States

End Of Life Care Program

An end of life care program is a program which is put in place when a patient is seriously ill with a medical condition that will end in their death. This is also known as palliative care, and can take place in a nursing home, a hospice or in the comfort of the patient's home. An end of life care program sees to not only the medical care of patients in the final days or hours of life, but covers the broader prospect of treating all those with a … [Read more...]

What Are Nursing Classification Systems?

Nursing Classification Systems

Nursing classification systems are basically the articulation of nursing care, using a standardized language that can be easily understood by all nursing staff as well as by other providers. The University of Iowa's College of Nursing has been a leader in the development of standardized languages to describe the work that nurses do, for the past decade. The Center for Nursing Classification utilizes various methods to develop the nursing … [Read more...]

USA Nursing Organizations

Nursing Organizations

In the US there are a number of nursing organizations to which you may find it beneficial to belong. These organizations are many and varied, some at state level, some at national level, and some that even allow you to have international membership. Although not all nurses belong to a nursing organization of some kind, it is generally considered a good idea to have membership with at least one. Types Of Nursing Organizations State Professional … [Read more...]

Looking At The History Of Nursing

Nursing History

Nursing history is an important topic to study for nurses not just because you may be questioned on it in a test, but also because having a good basic understanding in this area can go a long way to putting your chosen profession into perspective for you. General Nursing History Early History Initially hospitals were part of religious monasteries and convents. There was no formal nursing career and, when religious institutes were wiped out, so … [Read more...]

10 Tips On Dealing With Difficult Colleagues In The Workplace As A Nurse

Dealing With Difficult Collegues

As a nurse you will, like anyone else in any other profession, encounter difficult colleagues from time to time. Dealing with difficult colleagues can be a challenge but if you are able to handle the situation well it will reflect well on your character. Nurses in particular often complain about difficult doctors who do not treat them well. Several tips and ideas exist to help nurses cope in situations like these. Tip 1: Talk The most important … [Read more...]

The Transition From Student to LPN

New Nurse

Being a student and being an actual LPN are clearly two very different things, which is why the transition from student to LPN can be such a big ordeal for so many students. This article aims to give you the tools you need to survive the transition easily and without suffering any of the negative effects that often arise for nursing practitioners in the modern world. Different Aspects of Your Role in the Transition from Student to LPN When … [Read more...]

Finding a Way to Bridge the Gap in the Nursing Shortage

Nursing Shortage

What Led To The Shortage During the world wars there was a tremendous nurse shortage, and to make up for this, institutions were built for nurses to be trained for battle and for the health care of soldiers in combat situations. After the war, most of these nurses were taken up into private institutions and hospitals, but most of them had to seek other employment. The supply of LPNs has grown, so the supply of students and candidates are … [Read more...]

LPN Responsibilities Are Largely Dependent on Setting

LPN Duties

There are many different types of nurses, and the designation and responsibilities of the nurse will often be an indication of the level of training, certification and licensure they have completed. People rely on a licensed practical nurse, or an LPN, to deliver compassionate health care to patients in different locations other than hospitals. It is true that LPN responsibilities are more in a hospital setting simply by its very nature and … [Read more...]