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With an aging population the demand for qualified Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) is expected to continue to grow over the next two decades. While traditional on-campus LPN programs are offered by a wide variety of universities and colleges, only a small number offer some form of online LPN programs. This site focuses on those colleges that offer online LPN training as part of their cirriculum. You will find a lot of information about becomming and LPN, practicing in the field and advancing your nursing career beyond your LPN qualification here as well.

Even though online LPN programs are designed to allow you to study from home, it is an unfortunate reality that many facets of the nursing profession must be learned in a hands-on environment. This is why you will simply not find an accredited, legitimate nursing course online where you will not have to do some onsite training. As a result of this fact, these cannot truly be considered online LPN programs. However, they are currently the preferred option for individuals who would like to take as many courses form home as possible.

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CNA to LPN Programs

It is common for CNAs to desire to transition themselves into LPNs in order qualify for LPN job offers and thereby receive a higher salary, improved career opportunities, and a better sense of prestige. However, the demands of being a nurse already working in the field can make it difficult to set aside the time to attend classes at a college or university. This is one of several reasons why online LPN programs are becoming such an appealing opportunity. These Internet based courses will provide all the necessary concepts including communication, human anatomy, and advanced concepts in nursing.

Programs that require you to be a CNA in order to apply are typically expedited so you can finish your degree in a shorter period of time. Similar to online LPN programs much of the coursework are offered via the Internet and you will be able to easily take classes around your busy work schedule. Onsite requirements can typically be fulfilled either in the evenings or on weekends. Much of the information covered in these courses will be entirely new to the CNA, who is basically an assistant to the nurse. The LPN will be responsible for providing care firsthand so new concepts and training are essential.

The Concepts Covered by Typical Nursing Programs

A good online LPN program will cover the most important nursing concepts such as anatomy, psychology, and even computer education in an in-depth manner. They cover not only concepts having to do with how to cure individuals of their ailments, but in addition they cover how to spot illnesses, and how to effectively communicate with patients as well as doctors so that the best treatment may always be provided. It is important that subjects such as anatomy be learned in-depth as a nurse must have a deep understanding of the different tissues, organs, and systems that make up the human body.

Psychology, believe it or not, is also an essential part of most LPN programs online and ultimately of the scope of practice of an LPN. These courses will help the student of nursing to understand the behavior of the patients whom they are responsible for treating. This can also be an effective way of becoming aware of social issues that are currently affecting a large number of patients.

The Growth in Online LPN Programs

It should also go without saying that it is important for the nursing student to have an up to date education regarding computers and technology. The world has become increasingly reliant on computers and this field is certainly no exception. The increase in popularity of online LPN programs over the last decade underscores this point.

Online LPN Programs

Where to Begin...

When you are ready to begin your study to become a licensed practical nurse, there are many excellent universities now offering online LPN programs that you should look into. Your best bet would probably be to begin looking at the universities and colleges that offer online LPN programs and are close to you. See how many classes you will be able to take online and which you would be required to take onsite. You can also look into the larger, more noteworthy online learning institutions such as University of Phoenix and Kaplan University. Here are some additional resources related to the LPN program:

The best place to start your search for a good online LPN programs or LPN jobs is of course, online. Vary your search phrases as they often yield different results. Varying your search phrases will provide you with more options to choose from and help you take those first steps towards finding the nursing college that will offer online LPN programs that are right for you.

Advantages of LPN Programs

If you have always wanted to be a nurse but felt that you have not enough time or money to go to college there are now ways that you can do your LPN (Licensed Practicing Nurse) certificate and you will be able to complete the course in 9 months if everything is successful and you apply yourself to all the lessons that are offered. But you will need a lot of discipline in order to be successful as the study involves some math that you did at school that might need some refreshing.

The advantages of LPN programs that can now be applied for as well as completed online are that you can complete the whole course without having to go to college full time. Obviously you will still have to go to a few practical lessons or lectures in order to know certain procedures but over 90% of the course can be completed at home.

The most important thing that you need to make sure of is that you are able to devote the concentrated time that it requires in order to complete the course and the only way to do this is to make sure you have the motivation. Because when it comes to the reasons you want to be a nurse, earning a $50 000 a year LPN salary or more is not going to help you enjoy the job more or to complete the complex anatomy, physiology, math and some science as well that needs to be acquired in order to pass the NCLEX PN exam.

You need to have a passion for this kind of work as there are people who want to help others but they will never be a good nurse because they simply do not have the empathy that it requires to be a good nursing sister.

You need to be the kind of person who loves to help people and usually this will start when you are growing up as there is always an illness in every home at some time or another and you will know how you feel about caring for such as person.

The important point that needs to be made is that the response to that illness that you were asked to help heal, even though it may have been a family member of yours. If you can remember how the act of helping someone have less pain in their body or helping someone get out of bed and use the toilet who was very ill. It is times like that you will discover your own innate ability to heal the sick and the motivation that you have for wanting to heal the suffering of someone else.

Disadvantages of Online LPN Programs

We have all seen illness or injury at some time which will occur in every home and if these times remind you of how it felt when you were able to help that member of your family alleviate their suffering then you will know if you want to be a nurse or not. But nursing is not easy work as you will be required to do anything from cleaning bed pans to helping with a complex operation. The choice you have made about becoming a nurse will depend on your passion whether you are going to be successful at it or not.

The disadvantages of LPN programs that you can do online are obviously the fact that you will not be going through the work that needs to be covered with the guidance of a lecturer that you can ask questions etc. But there are other disadvantages of doing the whole course at home on your computer and that is the practical part of the course which you will still have to attend some of these demonstrations in order to qualify but you will be missing a lot of the type of work that it involves.

The money that you will earn once you are qualified is not going to be enough to motivate you and you need to have a passion for this kind of work. Missing out on these practical's which are usually done in a hospital so that you can feel the necessary environment in which you will be expected to work in.

Some of the other disadvantages of doing the online LPN program will be the camaraderie of your classmates and how they will be able to help you get the things done that you need to do.

The problem is usually with the Math that needs to be well digested by you in order to qualify. You will need to go over some of your school math lessons in order to make sure that you have not forgotten the basics before you start. The advantage of doing these math problems with your classmates is that you will be able to solve the problem together and it may help you to understand the way to solve the problem better. But all this does not mean that it is impossible to complete an LPN course online you just need the basics on your side and they are passion, discipline and tenacity in order to complete the course.

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